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How to create a product and set rules for the usage health

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Connect your usage events or custom fields to a product and set rules to define poor, fair and good usage. There are three common ways of setting up your products:

  • Module based

  • Upselling based

  • Skill-level based

A product can also be excluded from the average health calculation, that comes in handy when you want to track certain usages that are more nice to have than good to have.

Creating a product

  • Navigate to Settings > Products > Create new product

  • Choose a name for your product

  • Set goal type

  • Include or exclude from average health calculation

  • Goal target

  • Usage types

Goal types

  • Unique days - The product should be used a certain number of days in a rolling month. A continuous usage is more important than the total event count.

  • Usage count - The product should achieve a total number of usage events during a rolling month. It does not matter if the events occur on the same day.

  • Field value - The health is calculated using a value in a customer or user field

Goal targets

Once you have chosen a goal type you want to set your targets. You can of course go back and edit these targets, it's actually recommended that you do so. Keep working on fine-tuning these targets to create the best representation possible.

The first step is to choose if you want to base this calculation on per-user usage or customer total usage.

  • Per-user usage ( X% of all users on customer Y should meet these requirements for the customer to have fair usage)

Note: Choose a preset percentage (20%,50%,80%) or enter a percentage manually

  • Customer total usage (if all users combined meet these requirements the customer will have fair usage)

Advanced options

  • Only count users with this product

Only measure users with a user type connected to this product. This is useful if you set up a product with features that only a certain type of user will use (admin features for example). Read more about user types here.

  • No news is Good news

Staying below the goal count will result in Good health rather than Poor. This is useful if you're looking at events or a field value that should be as low as possible, platform downtime for example.

  • No fair

The product can only have Good or Poor health and the goal count will represent Good instead of Fair.

  • Adjust date for recently active

This option will adjust the goal targets for new users and customers based on how long they have been active. This is useful if you want a more accurate health on customers in onboarding.

Usage Types

Unless you have selected a field value as your goal type, this is were you attach your usage events to the product. Simply click to attach the usage event.

If you don't have any usage events yet, see our developer documentation.

It's also good to know that one usage event can be connected to several products and you can get an overview of all your usage events by navigating to Settings > Products > Usage types.

Module based products

Upselling based products

Skill-level based products

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