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Shared project in Shared space
Shared project in Shared space

How to set up a shared project with your external users

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Sharing a project with your customer will enable you to invite users from that customer to the project to share tasks, files, project updates etc. This is great for driving customer collaboration and will help you to follow up on the project progress together with your customer.

Creating a shared project

When creating a new project on a customer you can select to set it to Shared with your customer.

You can also set a project template to Shared in the template settings, then the project will be shared when you create from that project template.

Setting up your shared project

When the project is created you can set everything up before you giving your customer access to it.

  1. Open shared space - this is what the project will look like to your external users. The branding and setup of this shared space can be edited by an administrator in your account settings under Shared space. This is just an external view of your project, so you can choose to work in the internal view in your Startdeliver account, or go to the shared space to make updates there.

  2. Involved users - Here you can select the users from the customer that should have access to the project. Users have to have an email registered to get notifications and to verify their access. If anyone is missing they need to be added as user on the customer before you can add them to the project. Please note that no communication will be sent to the involved users before the project has been launched.

  3. Launch project - when the project has been launched the external users will have access to it, and communication will be sent on assigned tasks, task comments and project comments.

Assigning tasks to external users

When users have been assigned to the project they can be selected as assigned to a task.
If this is done after the project has been launched the user will get an email notification that they have been assigned to a task by you.

Sharing project comments

In the conversations tab you can make comments about the project. E. g. general information, meeting minutes, or something else that is not directly task related. By using @ you can mention the users that should be notified when the comment is added.

You can also paste pictures or video links (like like a GIF thumbnail from Loom) in the comment that will be viewed directly in the comment.

Sharing files

Here you or your users can upload and share files.

Inviting the external users to the shared space

This can either be done by making a comment and mentioning the user, or by simpl,y sending them the url to the your space, e.g. as it is displayed in your shared space.

When the external user goes to your shared space they will need to enter their email for verification, and get a link / one time code sent by email.


If you can't find the user you want to add to the project, check if that user exists on the customer and has an email registered. If not the user has to be added to the customer before you can add them to the project.

If a user can't access the shared space, check the following:

  • Is the project launched?

  • Is the user added to the project?

  • Does the user on the project have the same email that they are using to access the project?

  • Does that email exist on more than one user in Startdeliver? If so the duplicates needs to be removed.

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