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Gmail & Google Calendar Integration
Gmail & Google Calendar Integration
How to set up and use the Gmail & GCal integrations
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Startdeliver seamlessly integrates with Google to sync your customer emails and meetings. Follow the instructions below to set up the integration..

The initial step towards enabling these integrations involves white-labeling our app in GSuite. This process must be carried out by a GSuite administrator (refer to the instructions here). Once that is done, the app can be added to your account, and each user can grant permission to connect their individual inbox and calendar.

Please note that we only sync emails that are exchanged with an email address associated with a User in Startdeliver. Internal company emails are not synced since your company domain is automatically blocked from synchronization.

Enabling the integrations

  1. Go to Settings > Gmail / Google Calendar

  2. "Click to start authentication"

  3. Follow the instructions in Google

  4. Press Allow

  5. Save the app in Startdeliver

Note that the initial sync can take up to 24 hours as we are syncing all emails and meeting history up to 6 months ago

Additional Settings

Aliases: If you are using any aliases you can add them here. The most common case would be /

Sync to customers instead of users: Enable this setting if you want to sync your emails directly to a company rather than a user. Before you can use this properly, a Startdeliver admin needs to create a custom customer field that you can use to store the domain. You must then make sure that every customer has a domain attached to them in this custom field, either via an integration or manually added in Startdeliver.

Sync emails/events where a Team Member and a User are recipients, but sender is not: By default, we will only sync emails that are sent by a user or a Startdeliver team member. Enable this if you want to sync emails that are sent to a team member AND a user from an email that is not attached to any user in Startdeliver.

Working with emails & meetings (aka. interactions) in Startdeliver

Find and read related interactions on the customer profile: Once the integrations are up and running, you can find your interactions in the customer profile under "History". To see interactions only , click on the interactions tab. Note that email conversations will be threaded and shown as one interaction in Startdeliver.

Filter and sort customers on interaction-related data: There are several fields using interaction data available for you to use in your customer and user lists. Filter or sort on fields such as "last interaction" and "last email reply".

Impact dashboards: Interaction data is also commonly used in Impact dashboards, such as the team dashboard where you can see the number of emails and meetings you've had for the last 30 days. You can also click on that number to get a drill down view of those emails/meetings.


No emails/events are syncing:

  • Make sure you have a connection to google. Go to the app, it should say "Authenticated (revoke)", If it says "Click to start authentication", you need enable the app (instructions)

  • If you have changed password in Google the authentication might have been invalidated, re-authenticate the app and it should be solved

  • You can see the last sync date at the bottom of the app page

Some emails/events are not syncing

  • Was the user present in Startdeliver with the correct email attached by time you sent or received the email?

  • Did the user have the correct email in Startdeliver?

  • Does the user's email exist on multiple users in Startdeliver? If so the interaction might have been synced to only one of those users. If this is common among your users you might want to consider syncing interactions directly to customers based on domain instead

  • If you use any email aliases, make sure they are added to the gmail app

  • You can see the last sync date at the bottom of the app page to confirm that the integration is running

White label the apps in GSuit

  1. Go to Google Admin

  2. Security

  3. API controls

  4. Manage 3rd party app access

  5. Apps

  6. Configure new app

  7. OAuth App Name or Client ID

  8. Search for our Client IDs

  9. Set to "Trusted"

Client IDs:



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