In your customer and user view you can create lists based on fields and other data, such as usage health and products. Some common customer lists are:

  • Onboarding - Customers that are currently being onboarded.

  • Potential problem/risk - Customers that are having trouble and might be at risk.

  • On track - Customers that are going along as planned.

  • Potential opportunity - Customers that are doing very well and could potentially be upgraded.

  • Renewals - Customers that are closing in on their renewal date.

Creating a new list

  1. In the upper right side, click Manage lists > Create new list. Then choose if you want to copy the current list (the one you were in when you clicked "Manage lists") or start blank.

2. Click on the list once you're in it and that will give you a a few options. One of which is to copy to / save as new list. This will copy the filters, columns and list widgets to your new list.

  • When you have your new list, make sure it's filtered as you want it

  • Finally, click the list name and save list changes

Note: Anytime you change filters, columns or re-sort your list, you need to save list to keep those changes. As shown in the image above, a pen icon will be shown next to the list name when a change has been made


You create filters based on the values in the customer and user fields, both standard fields and custom fields. When a field is selected you will have different options depending on its field type.

One example of a filter could be as follows:

Active customer = Yes

Team Member = Current signed in

Status = Doing nothing

This will show your active customers that are currently in onboarding. Using Current signed in makes it easy to share with your colleagues since its dynamic.

List Widgets

You can also use list widgets to create segments within your list. To create and edit your list widgets, click the three dots to the left of filters.

Edit columns

You probably want to see different fields depending on what list you are in, you can change this by clicking the pen icon as marked below.

Click on the columns you want to show and change the order of the selected columns with drag and drop.

Remember! If you want to keep your new view you need to save your list after editing columns. 

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