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The different field types and their filtering options

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There are currently four types of fields in Startdeliver, here you will find information about how they work and how they can be used in filters.

  • Text fields

  • Number fields

  • Date fields

  • Boolean fields

Text fields

Text fields allow text and symbols. When you create filters based on an text field you need to type in the exact text you're looking for or use stars (*) . For example, let's say we want to find the company "Spotify", here are your options:

  • Spotify - Any customer name that is exactly "Spotify"

  • *ify - Any customer name that ends with "ify"

  • Spot* - Any customer name that starts with "Spot"

  • *Spot* - Any customer name that contains "Spot"


Number fields can only contain numbers and will allow you to filter within a range or an exact number. It's possible to set only "greater than" or "less than" if you for example want to create a filter with all values above 100.

You can also use number fields to create sub-filter KPIs.


Date fields can be filters in two ways, specific and dynamic. Specific dates are pretty straight forward, as seen below.

Dynamic filters can be used in different ways, first you have:

  • Beginning of (time, this, previous, next, variable)

  • End of (time, this, previous, next, variable)

  • Rolling (day, week, month, quarter, year)

If you want to filter on a rolling date back in time, set the variable to negative. I.e. -1 month would be 1 month back in time.


Boolean fields are very simple with a yes or no filter.

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