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Integrating HubSpot with Startdeliver

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HubSpot Integration

Key Features

  • Automatically create new customers in Startdeliver

  • Update customers and users in Startdeliver with HubSpot properties and activities

  • Get support tickets in Startdeliver from HubSpot

  • Get NPS and CSAT Feedback survey responses in to Startdeliver from HubSpot

  • Update companies and contacts in HubSpot with Startdeliver health, fields and tasks (advanced functionality)

Standard functionality

With the standard app you can automatically create new customers and users with the relevant properties to continue the work in Startdeliver.

Our ongoing property sync will also make sure you have the same information in Startdeliver as you do in HubSpot. Simply choose which properties you want to update in the app settings.

Advanced functionality

With our advanced app you have to option to send Startdeliver data (such as usage health and date of last login etc) back to HubSpot, This will allow great targeting for customer marketing, interesting reports and an even more complete picture of your customers in HubSpot.

Two-way data also allows you to create your users in Startdeliver as contacts in HubSpot which are usually missed if they do not engage with your content in some way.

Advanced functionality is available in the Giga plan and above.

Sync Frequency
Once every 24 hours

Getting Started

  1. From the Apps catalog page in the Startdeliver App, find and click on the HubSpot App

  2. Click "Install HubSpot" on the next page

  3. Complete OAuth flow in order to allow Startdeliver to access your HubSpot data

  4. Consult with your Startdeliver Customer Success Manager


Matching strategy

  • Customers/Companies

  1. Our app looks for companies in HubSpot with "Lifecycle Stage = Customer"

  2. When we create a customer in Startdeliver, Hubspot ID is added

  3. If a Company ID/HubSpot ID already exist in Startdeliver, it won't be created

  • Users/Contacts

  1. Our app looks at one company at a time, while doing so it looks for contacts with a known email adress

  2. If the email does not exist on a user connected to the corresponding customer in Startdeliver, we can create them as a new user

  3. If the email does exist, we can update the user in Startdeliver with selected information and/or activities

Syncing interactions/activities

  • The app only sync activities that are connected to a user/contact, this means that if a contact's email does not exist on a user in Startdeliver we will not be able to find the activity/interaction

  • Make sure that all customers have "lifecycle stage = Customer" before activating the app. Historic interactions are only synced when the app is first activated, after that we only get new interactions

Interactions include emails, meetings, calls and notes

This integration is maintained by Startdeliver. In case of any issues with the integration, contact our support team at

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