Fields are used to store data on customers, users and team members. You can:

  • Create your own custom fields

  • Edit existing fields

  • Connect a field to a product

Creating a field

Start by navigating to Settings > Fields and click on + Add new customer/user/team member field. You will then be able to choose a:

  • Name

  • Alias - The fields API name, will be auto-filled if left blank.

  • Type - Choose which type of field you want, read more about those here.

  • Visibility;

  • "Hidden", the field is only shown in lists and exports

  • "Visible" does not allow the field to be edited but it's shown in the customer/user profile.

  • "Editable" makes the field visible and also editable when you take action on a customer or user.

  • Required - Should this field be required for a customer/user/team member to be created?

Editing a field

When you want to edit a field, simply click on the one you wish to edit in Settings > Fields. You can edit everything except alias and type.

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