Every customer project is unique but they can always be broken down in to a group of tasks that needs to be completed. Use Startdeliver projects to track its progress and make sure those tasks are not missed.

Project templates

It's recommended to use project templates to create a standardised way of working with recurring customer projects. Examples of these could be:

  • Onboarding

  • Fix problem X

  • Upgrading

  • Off-boarding

In your project template you can:

  • Set a due date offset (How many days do you need to complete this project?)

  • Add tasks and snooze days (Which tasks should be done and in when should they be started)

  • Add automations (Trigger a new project to be launched based on this template)

To create a project template navigate to your setting and click on "templates" on the left side bar. You can also click the button below to go there directly.

Creating a new project

There are two ways to initiate a new project

1 - Take action on a customer > New project

2 - Navigate to Ongoing > Projects > Create new > Attach it to a customer

Then you can choose between using a template, copying another project or starting with a blank project.

When that is done you will be directed to the project view and the project will be in draft mode, waiting to launched.

Working with projects

A live project will show you the project progress and how the customer has developed since the start of the project.

  • Time left (progress bar)

  • Completed tasks (progress bar)

  • Involved team members

  • List of tasks

  • Impact

  • Comments

You can see an overview of your active projects in the Ongoing tab

Tasks that are related to a project will also be displayed with a project tag in the customer view

You can also access your project view by clicking at the project tag on a task

Completing a project

When all tasks are completed, go back to the project view and click to complete project. If you're afraid to miss this step, add a task to "complete project" as a reminder.

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