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Integrating Zendesk with Startdeliver

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Zendesk integration

Key features

  • Get support tickets in Startdeliver from Zendesk

  • Automatically create users in Startdeliver from Zendesk

  • Automatically create team members in Startdeliver from Zendesk

  • Calculate 6 month metrics

Getting Started

  1. From the apps catalog page in Startdeliver, find and click on the Zendesk App.

  2. Click "Install Zendesk" on the next page.

  3. Enter your Zendesk domain, API user email and Zendesk API token.

  4. Customize the settings after your needs and click on "Save".

When this has been done all you have to wait is for the sync to be completed which may take up to 24 hours.


  • Tickets not showing on the customer

    Check if the user that created the ticket is registered on the customer in Startdeliver. You can do this by going to Users in the Startdeliver platform > Search for the user and check if they are registered on the customer.

    If the user is not registered on a customer then you can simply click on the user > Take action > Edit user > Select customer.

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