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Add team members, create teams and edit them

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Introduction: Efficiently managing team members and creating well-organized teams is crucial for optimizing collaboration and productivity within the Startdeliver platform. This article serves as a comprehensive guide on how to create, edit, and organize team members and teams, ensuring that each user has the right access and role. Whether you're an administrator or a regular user, understanding these processes will contribute to a seamless workflow.

1. Accessing Team Settings

To begin managing team members and teams in the Startdeliver platform, follow these steps: Log in to your Startdeliver account using your credentials. Once logged in, navigate to the settings section, typically represented by a gear icon. From the settings menu, select "Team" to access the team management.

2. Inviting a New Team Member

Inside the settings menu, locate and click on "Invite Team Member." Enter the new team member's email address and any additional information required. Choose the appropriate role for the team member: "Admin" for full access or "Regular User" for limited access. An invitation will be sent to the provided email address, allowing the new member to join Startdeliver.

3. Creating and Naming Teams

Startdeliver allows you to organize team members into distinct groups: In the Team management panel, locate and click on "Create a Team." Give your team a name that reflects its purpose, such as "Sales," "CSMs," or "Support."

4. Editing Team Members and Roles

Fine-tuning team details and roles can be done easily: Find the specific team member you wish to edit within the Team management panel. Click on the member's profile or settings to access their details. Edit their role if necessary, choosing between "Admin" or "Regular User" as needed. Save your changes to update the team member's role.

Let's have a look at our video tutorial on how to do this:

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