Create Products with Health Rules
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Creating products in the Startdeliver platform is key to prevent churn and keep track of upsell possibilites. By creating products in Startdeliver relevant to the products that you sell to your customer and configuring the health rules after your measurements, we are able to show detailed graphs and widgets so that you can keep track of your customers health on daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly basis.

If a customer has good usage of the product it might mean that you have an upsell possibility and if the usage is bad, this might be a sign of that the customer will churn in the future and you should therefor reach out to them as fast as possible.

Some common products might be for Core features, add-ons, analytics and integrations, but this can of course vary a lot from company to company and the best is to go through internally what you want to measure.

In our example video below we want to create a product that measures how many times a user login occurs, we are also setting up health rules after how many times we want a user to login:

Do find out more about products & usage health, see this article.

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