4. Setup Standard Filters
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Standard filters are re-usable groups of filters that we at Startdeliver can apply to your Impact view and to create automations for you. You will have 6 standard filters as per default which are the most commonly used, you can find these as well as creating new standard filters by going to Settings > Standard filters in our portal.

Let's start of by having a look at the standard filter Active customer.

As you can see in our example "Active customer" we have set Active customer to "True" and "Status" is not equal to Churned. By applying this standard filter to a Impact view for example, we will then only see customers that are active and has not been churned.

When creating a standard filter you want to start of by giving the filter a name as well as a description, it is recommended to use a name related to what the filter will show as this will make sense when creating automations and Impact views around the standard filter.

Configuring your own standard filter

Let's say that you would like to have a impact view of customers that have over X amount of ARR, are active customer and have poor usage (This could be to nice to have to get a good overlook of customers that might churn because of poor usage and will have a great impact on your ARR).

Let's check out our tutorial on how to create this standard filter:

As you can see, we have applied that the customer is active, has a ARR over 100 000 and their usage is poor. By reaching out to us we can then apply this filter to a impact view and you will now quickly be able to see which of your big clients that might churn if you don't take action on them.

Applying standard filters to your impact view

We will per default use the Active customers standard filter in your Impact view but if you would like to have other standard filters applied to all or specific tabs in your impact view we can change this by exchanging the standard filter to the one you would like to use.

We are working on releasing so that you will be able to make changes in the impact view yourself but at the moment you would need to reach out to your CSM or our support to get help with this.


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