8. Edit Views (Header & Tabs)
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The customer view is where you can get a good overlook of your customer and see their usage health, comments, ongoing tasks & projects, details and also history where you can see your emails with the customer as well as booked meetings if you are using our Outlook or Gmail integration.

To access your customer view, simply go to your customer lists and click on a customer.

When configuring your customer view you can either choose to configure your Header or Sidebar. Let's start of with how to customize your Header.

In the example image above you can see the header fields under the name of the customer, in this case Painless Network Inc. "Our current status" will be shown here as default as well as parent if your customer has one. You can also add other customer fields to show data that may be relevant for you, in our example above you can see that we are displaying the confidence on the customer as well as ARR.

See tutorial below on how to add a field to your header and use drag and drop to change the order of your fields:

We have a few fields by default which you can choose from and you can find these when clicking on "Add field". However, if you would like to add custom fields, then you would need to start off by creating these, which you can read more about in our article here. Some examples of things you could display in your header is ARR, Last seen, Created At, Next meeting etc. There is a wide range of what you can show and if you are using editable fields then you will be able to edit the input directly in the header.


The sidebar in your customer view is where you can find more in depth information about your customer such as users & stakeholders, history (emails, meetings, etc), Customer details, tasks and more.

See tutorial below on how to edit your sidebar:

The sidebar displayed in the tutorial above includes our standard tabs but you are also able add your own custom tabs by clicking on "Click to create custom tab". When creating a custom tab you have three choices. Events, iframe or GroupKey.

Events let's you display events from Startdeliver such as Tasks completed, customer usage, status change and much more, iframe makes it possible to embed a website into your sidebar and if you choose GroupKey then you are able to show graphs, custom fields, user list with filters and more.

See tutorial on how to create a custom sidebar:

If you want to set up a tab with a GroupKey then you would have to reach out to our support team as this isn't something that you can create by yourself at the moment. If you are unsure about what you can display in a customer tab then you are always welcome to contact our support team for further help.


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